I gathered here all my ideas desserts for christmas: log of course, but also bredeles, gingerbread, Christmas cookies, truffles, gingerbread, etc. I classify recipes by type, you will find easy ones and more complicated ones in all categories. If you have questions about dessert, ask questions in the comments below the recipe article. Thank you !

Christmas dessert recipes is the coronation, the final point, the deification of icing on the cake, not the cherries on the budget! I hope the dessert is beautiful, okay too. It's even better to conclude your party meal in style. But the price is more expensive than a plate, or even more than your evening gown, of course not! One, a piggy bank won't restore two, cheap and rich desserts, it's possible, easy and very quiet!

Forget the golden luster on your log, you must leave without damaging the piggy bank. However, the dessert must be sweet and fragrant, between fruit and chocolate. Not enough to scratch a budget, however, some are lighter than others in terms of addition! Good news ? Simplicity is not an enemy of dessert, on the contrary, and authentic perfume can only sublime your Christmas.

Is your food here? If you have played a delicious meal, think of chewing and small cakes. You will avoid beating up guests, without their party and with some additional savings! Reject love apples with coconuts, garnish famous beggar donuts, brave Christmas muffins. Make a homemade chocolate éclair, reduce portions to lemon-coated chunks, or play cheap, light desserts with apples filled with dried fruit!

Do you prefer dessert, real dishes, Christmas dishes? No problem for a mini-budget, chestnut pie for Christmas costs three cents, sweet potato logs are a sight to behold and express crumbs remain a favorite of tight budgets. As for beer waffles, they have effects, such as cakes rolled with jam or chocolate stars, rice pudding with cinnamon with chocolate and chestnut cream!

Always awaited, desserts for christmas presents a sweet and friendly touch. This is not just a Christmas tree in life, the tradition of Christmas dessert recipes varies by region. Discover our selection of recipes and launch yourself to make your own christmas dessert recipes.

10 Best Desserts For Christmas Recipes

1. Santa Hat Cupcakes

[caption id="attachment_89" align="alignnone" width="1"] easy christmas dessert[/caption]

2. Pears with chocolate cream

christmas trifle dessert recipes

3. Snowman Cake

christmas dessert recipes with picture

4. Chocolate Cheesecake Santa Hats

best christmas dessert recipes

5. Floating almond

easy christmas dessert recipes

6. Frozen cookies and vanilla cream

christmas dessert recipes

7. Caramelized eclairs

recipes for christmas desserts

8. Spicy granita and pineapple crystallized

christmas desserts for a crowd

9. Apple Pecan Spice Cake

christmas desserts for kids

10. Sugar Cookie Truffles

easy christmas desserts for a crowd

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