Need inspiration for fireplace christmas decorations? Look at nature, lively retro style, chalet style, or classic style. Here are 8 ideas for fireplace christmas decorations to be a real asset during the holidays to inspire you. Be careful, that tree will be jealous.

Christmas is a beautiful winter event, to let the imagination run wild and decorate the house comfortably and glamorously at the same time. Not only a Christmas tree needs to shine for Christmas. Effective fireplace christmas decorations increases lively anticipation. With the right jewelry, the fireplace suddenly looks different.

Christmas decorations are now more flexible than ever before. The fireplace can be decorated in natural, traditional or exotic style. In addition to the traditional red and white ribbons, deer statues and boots that have become Christmas symbols, other squeaky and unusual decorations near the fireplace or on the party table are theirs. However, Christmas decorations for fireplaces must be fun. When you watch them you always have to find something.

Everything must reflect and shine at Christmas. Christmas appearance can vary each year. Gold and silver are the trend colors for Christmas decorations, because they are considered noble and chic. The arrangement of four or more candles in sparkling metallic silver has a modern, modern look. Other trends seen in recent years souvenirs or holiday motifs from other cultures are staged skillfully at Christmas and remain as decoration throughout the year after the festival. Look at these 10 christmas fireplace decorations ideas for living room focal points!

8 Best Fireplace Christmas Decorations Ideas

1. Fir branches to decorate the fireplace

The mere presence of a fireplace gives character to a room, especially when it is imposing. Do not fall into the bidding for Christmas and play the card of sobriety. Simply decorate your chimney with some hanging plants, pretty fir branches or Christmas wreath , for a folk and bohemian atmosphere. Here, we make it simple and we go to the essential by preferring authenticity to sophistication with ultra natural elements. For a sober Christmas decoration with country but festive accents, we add discreet light garlands.

2. String of candles to decorate fireplace

For Christmas, the fireplace retains its decorative role and the mantel of it is then used as an original shelf. There are some candles aligned or under bell, decorated with pretty ribbons or other branches of fir, various shapes and varied, ranging from pretty fir trees to small small houses in ceramic. The subdued lighting of the candles will instantly reinforce the warm and cozy atmosphere you are looking for during the holidays. This decor brings the magic of Christmas to the show while remaining simple and effective.

3. Gold and sleek look to decorate fireplace

Festivities necessarily rhyme with gold and the chimney does not deviate from the rule. Here, it becomes a decorative element in itself but with subtlety. It is adorned with accessories batteries in the trend, vases of ocher color with a few balls of the same color through pretty fir branches . Like this inspiration, the golden look must be cleverly dosed, and must be associated with white, your Christmas will be sparkling without too much. Because the golden, modernized today, remains the undeniable synonym of the celebration, chic and timeless.

4. Logs of wood to decorate fireplace

During the holidays, wrapping around a wood fire is enough to infuse the magic of Christmas with our interiors. This fireplace radiates a warm atmosphere mixed with a more refined spirit, impregnated with the soft Scandinavian folklore. The wooden logs stacked in a basket take part in the authentic decoration of the room and here they have not only a functional aspect. The rustic and irregular side of the wood combines with the velvet pouf to give a natural and ultra warm touch to our interior.

5. Christmas stockings to decorate fireplace

Synonymous with conviviality and warmth, the fireplace represents these simple pleasures placed under the sign of reunion with family or friends and makes sense during the holiday season. The fireplace is not an element to forget when decorating the house for the festivities. Here, the fireplace goes into Scandinavian fashion and becomes a star element that deserves attention. A few socks adorned with pompoms for Santa Claus are soberly hung, the white coat is subtly brightened and you're done!

6. Pretty garlands to decorate fireplace

The fireplace majestically dominates the living room and determines a cozy and warm atmosphere, becoming the central point of the house where we like to meet the long winter evenings to enjoy a good tea and snuggle into a cozy plaid , then as much beautify it during the holiday season. Here, the fireplace, accompanied by a mirror a classic strand is easily adorned with pretty light garlands delicately colored, matching the rest of the decoration. A little boost to awaken a Christmas too classic!

7. Decorate the fireplace in the tradi chic style

Tradition requires, white, red and green set the tone of this fireplace to the tradi chic atmosphere. Slender candles, Christmas balls , fir branches and natural wood animals make winks to the tablecloth, suspensions and printed cushions. Result? The visual effect is rich without being kitsch!

8. Fireplace with minimalist decor

Of course you can opt for a British style fireplace or traditional Jacquard socks. And then we can also bet the sobriety for a fresh and minimalist, yes even for the Christmas decor. Openwork decoration in metal, stylized candle, natural effect Christmas letters and holly branches echo the warmth of the fireplace and the wood of the decor.

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