Halloween crafts for kids ideas are fun and easy to do at home. Celebrating Halloween is more fun with this craft: pumpkins, candy boxes, skeletons, bats and wizards are very original and fun.

Get ready for the darkest party of the year with some fun, original and never-seen crafts that will give your home a frightening touch. halloween crafts for kids that you can make a house of the dead and make your house unique and different.

How much we love kids' parties! Not only do you have fun with children, but it is also a great opportunity to have fun with children. Halloween parties give us thousands of ideas with ghosts, monsters, bats, witches and many other characters. What can we use to do it? Well, all kinds of materials, like Aww Sam's balloons, turn into mocking ghosts, plastic plates, paper rolls, and more.

5 Easy DIY Halloween Crafts For Kids Free Printable

1. Catch nightmares

With this dream catcher you will not miss even one of the most terrible nightmares . All will be inside your spider web.


  • embroidery hoop
  • black acrylic paint
  • spider web made or black thin pipe cleaner
  • fabric clippings
  • pieces of wool
  • feathers
  • black tassel strips


  1. Glue or sew the spider web already made on the embroidery hoop.
  2. In case you prefer to do it, join the pipe cleaners to create the fabric that your spider web needs.
  3. Finally, decorate by placing the pieces of ribbons with feathers, tassels and black fabric found at home at the bottom of the dream catcher.

2. Terrifying soaps

Surprise your guests when they go to wash their hands with some soaps that contain terrible spiders inside .


  • silicone molds to make soap
  • glycerin to make soap at home
  • Colorant
  • scented oil
  • plastic spiders


  1. Cut the glycerin soap with a diced knife and put inside a microwave resistant container.
  2. Put on maximum power and stir every 30 seconds to make sure it is completely melted.
  3. Add a few drops of fragrance according to the smell you want in your soaps.
  4. Divide the dye into different bowls, as many colors as you want for your soaps.
  5. Place one or several plastic spiders in each of the molds and pour the melted soap. Let cool and unmold.

3. Mechanical pumpkin

Decorate your Halloween pumpkin in an original and fun way with DIY items that you have at home. A DIY for Halloween suitable for handyman .


  • 1 pumpkin
  • strong glue
  • black acrylic paint
  • sponge brush
  • screws, nuts, washers and any DIY material you have at home


  1. Give the pumpkin stem and the surface a little black paint, then remove with a cloth. The result will be blackened pumpkin orange.
  2. Draw the smile of the pumpkin and place different sized nuts in its different points
  3. Do the same with the eyes and nose
  4. On both sides of the pumpkin place two protruding screws.

4. Ghost bombs

We propose a perfect craft for children to enjoy both while doing it, and  using their powers at the Halloween party .


  • eggs
  • black marker
  • talcum powder
  • white tissue paper
  • glue


  1. Carefully break the top of the egg and empty its contents.
  2. Once dry fill the eggs with talcum powder.
  3. Close the top with tissue paper and glue.
  4. Finish the ghost bomb by drawing eyes and a scared mouth in each of the eggshells.

5. Welcome ghosts

The ghosts will arrive at your house with these floating heads that can decorate your entrance . It will be a creepy welcome.


  • Polyester heads or white masks
  • white chiffon fabric
  • White glue
  • sponge brush
  • washer
  • fishing line


  1. If you opt for the full heads, cut the neck so that the result is more spooky.
  2. Place gauze or very light cloth over the heads or masks.
  3. Glue with white glue to ensure that the fabric will not fall off.
  4. Put a small washer on the top of the head and hang with fishing line from the ceiling.

With these DIY halloween crafts for kids ideas you will have the most terrifying house of the whole block. Will children dare to ask for Trick or Treat? If they get in, you can give them a prize with these original spider-shaped candies or these spooky cookies.

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