Folding lounge chairs become one of the things that must be carried when you want to do outdoor activities while relaxing, such as when camping, fishing, to the beach, or even watching a concert. The stylish design with a low seating position will provide comfort when used. Moreover, this folding chair is very easy to carry because of its light weight. However, the number of products on the market might make you confused about making a choice. This time we will discuss how to choose a folding lounge chair.

Perhaps quite a number of you are familiar with lazy sofas that have been popular for quite a long time to relax indoors. Now, folding chairs to accompany outdoor activities are also increasingly popular because of the comfort that can be addictive!

As the name implies, folding lounge chairs are chairs that can be used to sit relaxed and can also while crossing legs. Maybe what comes to your mind is a low chair with the seat directly attached to the floor. However, the folding chair referred to here still has a chair leg that is lower than an ordinary chair to allow its main use outdoors. This type of chair is also known as a low style chair.

When this type of chair is used outdoors, you can sit relaxed while stretching your legs forward so that the feeling will be more relaxed. With its low design, there are also many people who feel comfortable carrying it when participating in fireworks festivals or watching live concerts outside the room because it will not disturb other people sitting in the back.

Besides being used for outdoor use, this folding chair can also be used indoors as a substitute for a sofa, used on the veranda, or various other needs. This is also the reason why folding chairs are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, there are also more and more folding chairs with fashionable designs on the market, and a variety of choices has grown from year to year.

5 Rules When Buying Folding Lounge Chair

Because folding chairs are relatively easy to use, of course you want to try it, right? However, because the seat position is lower than an ordinary chair, there are some unique points that need to be specifically noted when you choose this folding lounge chair. For more details, let's discuss the following!

1. Check the comfort of his seat

First of all, the comfort of sitting is the most important thing. How to choose a comfortable folding chair? In the following, we have collected several points based on the reviews of buyers who have used folding chairs. The height of the back will make a big difference in comfort when using folding chairs. In this case, you will get tired quickly if your upper body is not supported up to the top. If you read reviews from folding chair users, this can be said to be a very important point.

Folding chairs that can support up to the neck will allow you to lean comfortably, and the sitting position will also feel more stable. For those of you who have a body height of about 165-170 cm, choose a backrest with a height of 40 cm for comfort when sitting with your legs stretched forward. However, most manufacturers only list the overall height of the chair in the product description. To find out the height of the back you can check the overall height of the chair minus the height for the seat.

2. Make sure the sitting area is deep enough

Another thing that affects the comfort of a folding folding chair is the depth of the sitting area. This point is especially important for those of you who have a high body. When you sit with your legs stretched forward, your posture may bounce back if the sitting area is not deep enough. Your waist will get tired quickly and you can't sit comfortably. However, if the depth of the sitting area is sufficient, you will feel comfortable regardless of your sitting posture, even when sitting by raising and crossing your legs on a chair.

The ideal depth of the sitting area depends on the height of the person using it. However, in general, a depth of around 50 cm or more is sufficient. Overall chair depth measurements are usually listed in the product description and this number may vary slightly from the depth of the sitting area. So, also consider this point when you are going to buy a product.

3. Check whether equipped with armrests

There are some folding chairs that are equipped with armrests, and some are not. Because of course you want to use it to relax, you should choose a chair that is equipped with armrests. For example when you bring a folding chair to go fishing, it will be more comfortable if the chair has a backrest so that your arms are not tired.

However, there are some folding chairs whose size is quite large when equipped with armrests. For those of you who are more concerned with light weight, choose a chair without armrests. There are also people who feel unable to cross their legs on a chair if there is an armrest. So, also pay attention to the width of the surface of the sitting area according to your needs and usage.

4. Pay attention to the basic material on the surface of the sitting area

Because leisure folding chairs are usually used more outdoors, the durability of a product is very important to note. Especially if you often do activities near a fire, such as camping or barbecue, pay attention to the basic materials used on the folding chairs that you want to buy.

One of the benefits of using a folding chair is that it makes it easier for you to start a fire. You can also take a closer distance to the campfire so you can feel more relaxed. However, as the distance between the fire and the chair gets closer, it is very important to pay attention to whether the folding chair is equipped with material that is strong against the fire or not.

Material folding chairs are mostly made of polyester. Basically this material is already classified as strong. However, some manufacturers add special materials for their resistance to fire so that they remain safe even when exposed to small sparks. For those of you who are worried because they often do campfire and barbecue activities, you should pay attention to the seat material before buying.

5. Also pay attention to the ease of maintenance and material durability

Ease of care is also an important point for items that are often used outdoors. Because folding chairs are generally not washable, you should choose a basic material that is easy to clean from sand, liquid, food stains, and so on. In this case, polyester is a very good material. However, currently there are also products that are made of double layer polyester so that it is not easy to tear and easy to clean with a wet towel. The ability to support the burden of this material is also higher so you can also be more comfortable using it.

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