An Overview Of Metal And Acrylic Printing

If you've ever seen art with a unique texture or shimmering colors, chances are it was either metal or acrylic printing. While both methods are popular among art lovers, they are very different printing techniques. Here's a closer look at metal and acrylic printing, their differences, and their similarities.

What Is Metal Printing?

Metal printing is a modern way of creating art prints on metal sheets. It involves transferring a digital image onto an aluminum sheet using heat-based sublimation technology. The resulting image is crisp and vibrant, making it the perfect choice for high-impact wall art. Additionally, metal prints come with a waterproof coating that ensures the colors will last for many years without fading or cracking.

What Is Acrylic Printing?

Acrylic printing is another relatively new method for creating wall art prints. This technique involves transferring a digital image to an acrylic sheet via UV-curable inks. The result is an eye-catching print with vivid colors and an artistic depth that can't be achieved with traditional paper prints.

How Is Metal Printing Similar to Acrylic Printing?

Both metal and acrylic printing offer similar benefits, such as crisp images and vivid colors. They also have an impressive level of detail that makes them stand out from other types of wall art. Additionally, both printing methods require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best for years to come.

How Is Metal Printing Different Than Acrylic Printing?

There are a few ways metal printing and acrylic printing differ, including:

  • Material. The main difference between metal prints and acrylic prints is the material used to create them. Metal prints use aluminum sheets, while acrylic prints use clear plastic polymer sheets, commonly referred to as acrylic.
  • Finish. The finish of each option differs as well. Metal printing typically has a glossy finish, while acrylic prints tend to have a matte finish. However, the finish can also depend on the type of ink used during the printing process and any post-printing treatments, like lamination or varnish.
  • Cost. While many things can affect the price of metal printing, it tends to be slightly less expensive than acrylic printing. This price difference is mainly due to metal sheets being thinner than acrylic polymer sheets and, therefore, less expensive.

Metal and acrylic printing offer two distinct approaches to creating beautiful works of art that you can hang on your walls. While both techniques produce stunning results, there are key differences between them. Whichever option you choose, you are sure to enjoy the end result.

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