Do you want to make christmas craft ideas for kids? No problem! It is okay. But you have to be picky about topics. They must be very suitable for young children. The following christmas craft ideas for kids can be implemented amazingly with small children, so you can spend pre-Christmas time together. Great idea, what you can accomplish with Christmas, whether at home, at school or in kindergarten. Children like to make things. The special craft time is Christmas time. Santas, angels, bells, pine cones, Christmas cards and other large objects are being made with enthusiasm. So you don't run out of ideas for Christmas crafts, we have collected many craft tips for you.

If crafting at Christmas is also fun for toddlers, you should give lots of tips and make fewer suggestions. Complicated manuals will hardly understand a child and the results are serious. Therefore, paper and cardboard are best suited for beginning to cut it. On this occasion we will try to make Christmas-themed paper crafts, so let's get started!

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids: Colorful Christmas Cards

1. Mark the motif

Record the motif on the inside of the card (152 x 152 mm), leave approx. 1 cm edge for the foil all around.

2. Cut out the motif

Cut out the motif with a cutter or scissors.

3. Step strip cut

Cut 3 - 5 layers of tissue paper into 1cm wide strips.

4. Make confetti

Cut several strips into small pieces (confetti) and collect in a flat plate or tray.

5. Punching colored circles

Punch round with the punch of colored paper and place in the plate.

6. Add mica and scattering parts

At will mica and scattering parts such. For example, add stars and mix well on the plate.

7. Cut the foil

Cut foil 14 x 14 cm (for confetti) foil 15 x 15 cm (for back).

8. Confetti bath

Baden foil 14 x 14 cm in confetti and then turn it so that the confetti is facing upwards.

9. Glue on the reverse side

Glue together the confetti with the foil 15 x 15 cm and flatten well.

10. Stick foil on card

Stick the double-sided confetti foil on the inside of the card and fix it well at the edges.

11. The glitter greetings are done

The sparkling Christmas mail is ready for shipping and with this nice card you can surprise everyone.

Tips & Tricks

  • Customize subject of map size.
  • Adhesive strips can be used to decorate envelopes using the same technique.
  • Time savings: Instead of home-made confetti use ready-made pieces.
  • Cut out the motif directly with a large punch.

It's also important that young children can tinker on this themselves. Because they will develop their abilities and creative skills in any case well. This is very basic for children. Color can be used calmly in the boldest and most striking form. Don't be shy in this direction! Children don't have to rush to grow up. What's more it must happen at Christmas, right?

If you want to make christmas craft ideas for kids and in the end like here to bring great works in a place that looks to be used, then small children will definitely be really proud of you. The cone on the red string is a good addition here. If you really want to make children happy, let them join!

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